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Location: 717 Elm Street, Cincinnati 45202

Salary: $15/hour

Hours: 10-12 hours per week, mainly on weekends, some evenings; Six hours required each Sunday.  Additional hours may be required for special events.


The Covenant-First Presbyterian Church (CFPC) Facilities Assistant/Sexton (“Sexton”) provides a ministry of bringing glory to God by providing a safe, clean, efficient, and hospitable environment to the worship and service of CFPC, its staff, congregation, and visitors.


The Sexton opens and closes the church building every Sundays and for special events.  The Sexton is also responsible for preparing and setting up the building as needed for worship services and other congregational, church, or community functions and performing maintenance and cleaning up afterward. 


The Sexton is required to work a non-standard schedule that requires flexibility to meet the needs of CFPC, including working some Friday and Saturday evenings when there are weddings and other special events, as well as all Sunday mornings.  The Sexton performs emergency maintenance of the building and grounds and ensures a safe and welcoming environment.   


The Sexton reports to and is supervised by the CFPC Administrator, who will coordinate with other staff, officers, and volunteers to determine setup and other needs.


Prior to employment, the Sexton must pass a background check and drug screen.  References must be provided and will be verified.  The Sexton will be trained in and must follow all CFPC policies.  The Sexton will assist with building security as requested.


Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be friendly and welcoming

  • Help elderly members enter and exit the building Take garbage cans and recycling cans to curb for regular weekly pickup

  • Clean debris and trash from outside sidewalks and steps

  • Properly store all equipment when not in use

  • Be familiar with and able to run the sound system when needed

  • Clean and straighten utility areas on a regular basis

  • Replenish paper towels, toilet paper, and other supplies throughout the church and advise the Administrator when supplies are needed

  • Prepare the dining room for Sunday mornings

  • Capability to use and maintain industrial kitchen equipment a plus

  • Open and close the building on Sundays and for other scheduled events

  • Report service or maintenance needs to the Administrator

  • Open and prepare the church for weddings and other special events Perform maintenance and cleaning after special events

  • In winter, shovel and salt walkways, sidewalks, and other accessible areas as needed

  • Perform light maintenance duties such as changing light bulbs, regular maintenance on kitchen equipment, and simple repairs.



  • Chief Qualification — Reliability

  • High School Diploma/GED

  • Good communication skills


Please send resumé to Covenant-First Presbyterian Church, 717 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 or via email to

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